Gourmet box

Unsure about what to choose or do you want to fill up on exquisite high-quality Italian products? for you there is the gourmet box, the food box that contains all the products of our selection. There is no need to buy more food boxes: with this solution you don’t waste time and help the planet by saving on packaging.

This extra-large box contains: Torcetti handmade butter biscuits, alpine blackberry jam, Tegole handmade biscuits, Espresso coffee blend, Honey made in Aosta Valley, Chocolate Fondue,,, Carnaroli rice, Dried porcini mushrooms, 1 bottle of DOC white wine, Prepared for sautéing, Tagliatelle, Mezze maniche, Wild board meat sauce, Meat sauce, 1 bottle of DOC red wine, Polenta flour, Venison meat sauce, Sausage and chestnut meat sauce, wheat flour 00, tomato sauce, 2 rye craft beer, nut oil made in Aosta Valley, dried tomatoes, “giardiniera” salad, Olives, from Arma di Taggia, Liguria, Currant vinegar made in Aosta Valley, Rice flour, Pumpkin cream, Apple risotto made in Aosta Valley, Chips of dried apple made in Aosta Valley


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