Torrette Superieur red wine

Coming from a suitable area, it reflects the typicality of our region. A good glass, which with its characteristic scent of violets and red fruit and its intense, balanced, dry and pleasant flavor has become a classic of this company.


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VARIETY: Petit Rouge 90%, Vien de Nus 10%
VINEYARD: Saint-Pierre
SOIL: Morainic-Sandy
DENSITY: 6500-6800 plants per hectare
COLLECTION: manual with careful selection
VINIFICATION: The grapes are de-stemmed; fermentation conducted at a controlled temperature of 26-28 ° C. The must-wine remains 8-10 days in contact with the skins, the extraction of the noble components of the skins is favored by the delestage method, the racking takes place when the alcoholic fermentation is over. The malolactic fermentation is carried out completely in steel, the conservation on the fine lees to favor the maturation and increase the complexity of flavor and aroma is maintained partly in steel and partly in wood. Bottling is scheduled for the summer, bottle aging lasts about 6 months.